Internet & Solutions

New opportunities!


Giraffe is excited to announce the good news!

Now there's a possibility of daily tariffing for subscribers on non-contract basis with an unlimited service plan.

If you need access to the Internet for the solution of private matters in network or payments of cost of a service plan, and the settlement period has already ended, by entering your WEB SELF-CARE page on our web-site you will be able to purchase 1 days of service.

To use this opportunity, you need to enter your WEB SELF-CARE page on our web-site and click on the "CONTINUE" button, then there will be information about service price where you can confirm the order of service that will be activeted immediately or refuse and return to the previous menu of WEB SELF-CARE page.

The cost of this service is individual for each service plan. If funds on your account are not enough for this service, it can also be ordered, but only once.


Giraffe is always changing for the better.

Thank you for being with us.