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Virtual private network

Data channel lease service (point-to-point and point-to-multipoint) provides for uniting two and more territorially remote sites into single secure network for data exchange based on TCP/IP protocol stack.

In order to organize the service, equipment installed at the customer’s office or technical center is connected to the access port to the service at Intellecom technical site using leased line with a guaranteed speed. 

Service particulars:

• Low price of terminal equipment as Ethernet is offered as the main connection interface being the most widely spread LAN protocol.

• Ability to optimize operator network resources by providing different users with a single aggregate bandwidth having a guaranteed traffic distribution for every user. As the result, service costs less than PLC channels.

• No dependency on transfer protocols.

Giraffe network advantages when building a corporate network using MPLS:

• Giraffe MPLS network is built based on high-speed national communication channels using reliable equipment from leading world manufacturers.

• Corporate networks can be built using any topology including fully-connected network;

• There is no need for special terminal equipment and network connection interface adapters: Ethernet is the connection interface;

• Simple network maintenance: most of the tasks regarding network configuration and management are solved by the Operator engineers;

• High-quality and reliable equipment of Giraffe network, monitoring and customer care;

• Ability to provide several services with guaranteed quality parameters in one channel connected to Giraffe network;