Internet & Solutions


Service area: Wi-Fi for our customers.

Solution for any sphere of business where customers need to wait while they are being served. These places may include:

  • Restaurants, bars, cafes;
  • Beauty salons, sport clubs;
  • Private medical clinics and rooms;
  • Car maintenance: service stations, car washes, gas stations;
  • Small hotels or apartments that are let by the day.

Internet for your own office or remote site

  • If your company has many branches or sales points where wired Internet will not be available soon. It takes too much time to organize a wired access in all the offices.
  • The installation or traffic cost is unreasonably high.
  • You move from one office to another from time to time.
  • You conduct field activities and presentations.
  • You are SOHO and you need broadband connection but you do not want to waste your time to settle unnecessary formalities for connecting to the wireless Internet. 

Backup channel

Business continuity is a necessary condition for existence of many modern companies. Disconnection or blocking access to the Internet may harm your business seriously. Backup channel will enable additional access to the Internet where laying a wired backup channel is impossible or its cost is too high. Wireless channel will enable high-speed connection of several dozen of computers.

Mobile employee

Mobile employee will not notice that his PC is not connected to the office LAN at your company any more. He will be able to go online with a high speed and exchange information with his colleagues, customers and partners everywhere where coverage is available

Solution for employees who have constant field visits and meetings but nevertheless need large volumes of information and the Internet access:

  • Salesmen;
  • Merchandisers;
  • Shipping agents;
  • Consultants and auditors;
  • Advertising and PR experts;
  • Lawyers;
  • Insurance agents;
  • Realtors; 
  • Project managers;
  • Business managers.