Internet & Solutions

Internet for business

Benefits of Internet access provided by Giraffe business:

Flexible approach to pricing
Tailored offers to suit your specific business needs

Guaranteed speed 
We provide you with a channel with a guaranteed speed for data transfer or Internet access. You choose the speed level.

Symmetrical channels
It enables you to enjoy the same upload and download speed when sending and receiving information (data, files) through the Internet.

Traffic prioritization 
You may assign the priority for the information you wish to receive or transfer: video, voice, etc

Backup channel 
This service allows creating a backup Internet access or data transfer channel in case your main channel fails. This prevents long-time communication blackouts for your business.

“Last mile” solution
Telecommunication system mobility, no “attachment” to cable infrastructure. When changing location of your office or another facility, the customer equipment can easily be moved to and installed at a new place.