Internet & Solutions

Business clients

We offer solutions for businesses of any type and size including government and international organizations.

We provide our customers with access to high-speed Internet and organize data channels regardless of technology type based on our own network and using our partners’ channels. 

Service Area: Wi-Fi to your customers


• Restaurants, bars and cafes;

• Beauty salons, sport clubs;

• Private medical clinics and offices;

• Car Service: service stations, washing, petrol stations;

• Small hotels or apartments that are rented


Internet for their own office or remote facility


• For a company with an extensive network of branch offices or retail outlets.

• If the cost of wired internet unreasonably high.

• If you run away events (conferences, presentations, etc.).

• If you want broadband, but you do not want to spend time contracts and expectations connected to wired internet.


Reserved Channel


Business Continuity is a necessary condition for existence of many modern companies. Disable or block access to internet can seriously damage your case. Reserve channel will provide alternate access to internet where laying cable channel backup is not possible or cost too high. Wireless channel will connect to internet your LAN computers at high speed (up to 10 Mbit/s).



Giraffe business offers individual solutions for your specific tasks. We will provide the best quality-price ratio and functional capabilities required for your solution.

Also, please read the list of additional services and managed services offered by Giraffe business.