Internet & Solutions

Data transfer

Data service is designed for organization of reliable and protected corporate networks with a guaranteed bandwidth. Data channels can be used as a separate product having end user properties and as a necessary component in providing other telecommunication services to the end user.

Service particulars:

• Guaranteed data speed.

• Highly reliable transport networks.

• Data security.

• No dependency on transfer protocols.

Examples of application:

• Data channels from a branched chain of shops to a general warehouse with the database including information of goods availability and status.

• Unite local networks of two offices (shared file resources and service system, high-speed and reliable E-mail exchange, etc.).

• Connect to global specialized information system.

• Organize the head office communication with the company branches.


• Local customer objects connect to Intellecom data network and are united using wireless channels (WiMAX, Motorola Canopy, microwave repeaters) or wired channels (leased or our own).

• Technology is selected based on requirements for data channel parameters and if there is technical feasibility.