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Personal data protection

The relevance of personal data protection is not in doubt. Statistics clearly demonstrates that 80% of companies in the world faced a security incident on the part of employees. As for Ukraine, today we have to state the fact of the unprecedented growth of corporate security threats (attacks on government resources, theft and a further spread of corporate information via the network etc). Protecting mobile data becomes apparent trend. The solution to this problem lies in the integration of cryptographic information protection on the side of the end user (employee).

Well-meaning staff often do not realize the risk and extent of the damage, which may be incurred by the company in case of loss or theft of external  storages of information. Moreover, the vast majority of USB-drives is out of control or management of the IT department, and they are not under the security policy of the company, which increases the risk of unauthorized data access, data leaks and violations of the regulatory legislation.

In order to solve these problems was developed complex Microcrypt Armorino Secure Storage (MASS). This technology allows both the private and corporate clients to ensure the reliability and simplicity in solving the problem of safe storage of personal or corporate data. The solution is a client-server hardware and software platform consisting of a mobile carrier Armorino Portable Office Flash Drive with hardware implementation of a transparent AES-256 encryption, data storage system (DSS) and software environment with client-server architecture.

Due to the large capacity and small size Armorino Portable Office Flash Drive USB-drives employees can carry around large amounts of confidential company data and use an integrated software platform that enables:

- Use the four types of partitions on a single device (CD-ROM, Private, Public, Hidden);
- Encrypt all data used to secure (Private, Hidden) sections;
- Delegate different permissions and differentiate the authority to use;
- Set up a security policy for each user;
- Use the integrated expansions, which, in turn, use the "lockbox" to store their critical information (currently: Windows Logon, Secure Virtual Drive, Microsoft Cryptographic Service Provider Next Generation, PKCS # 11 Module, «IIT Client CSK- 1»);
- Use the device for secure storage of user accounts with Windows XP/Vista/7 Windows Logon (store up to nine accounts on the device);
- Create encrypted local storage on the computer (folders, files, disks) and, thus, maintain the confidentiality of information at all stages of processing in a geographically-distributed work environment (application «SecureVirtual Drive»);
- Have the ability to remotely reset the password blocked on the basis of one-time password, generated in the Enterprise Console (only for Enterprise Edition, the opportunity is aimed at corporate use);
- Use the integrated support for portable versions of the software (browser, mail client, chat client, Skype, antivirus, password keeper and many others) that store the information directly in the encrypted section;
- Use the "virtual drives" to store "image" of any software (information databases, directories, etc.) on a secure USB storage device;
- Keep a backup copy in a public or corporate "cloud" in encrypted form;
- Use multilingual interface (currently: Russian, Ukrainian, English);
- Resize partitions independently and at will;

The storage system is a server with implemented WebDAV protocol for remote databackup either Armorino Portable Office Flash Drive data and any folders or drives that have been encrypted using the integrated software «Microcrypt Secure Virtual Drive». Software environment «Microcrypt Armorino» implements the above functions and provides access to a remote repository. This is the most competitive in its class solution that provides all the functions for cryptographic protection of terminal nodes in one integrated package. The system provides continuous data protection regardless of where they are - on the office PC, laptop computers, mobile devices or shared network folders.

Platform «Microcrypt Armorino Secure Storage» allows comprehensive protection with minimal implementation and maintenance costs.

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